After a surgical procedure – some advice

If you had an operation at our medical practice, there are a few advices we would like to give you in order to optimizes the healing procedure and to prevent discomfort:
• Do not smoke (it would hinder the wound healing)
• Cool the operated area with a cool pad to reduce the swelling or keep the swelling small
• On the day of the surgical procedure, please refrain from drinking caffeinated coffee or black tea, because it could bring the blood pressure up. Thus, the risk of secondary bleeding would rise.
• Please try to eat smooth or liquid food in order to preserve the treated area and minimize chewing
• Please try not to speak or speak as little as possible, keep the wound still
• Do not do sports to avoid blood pressure in the head area at least three days after the surgery
• Do not drink alcohol the day after the surgery
• Avoid excitement; relax and stay calm as much as possible
• After eating, rinse with clean water, don’t touch the wound
• Clean neighboring teeth with a soft tooth brush
• If a light secondary bleeding occurs, bit a clean tissue or gauze bandage
• If the secondary bleeding doesn’t stop or you notice blood clumps, please call: 0441 – 2489225 (here you will receive the current emergency cellphone number that you can call)

Some advice on “what to eat” after a procedure

• Smashed potatoes 
• broth or similar soups, not too hot
• minced meat
• any kind of fish
• soft boiled carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage turnip or the like
• any kind of fruit without sourness (e.g. banana, melon, blue berries etc.) e.g. mixed as a “smoothie” or smashed
• toast (not toasted) or rye bread without crust, cut into pieces with: meat paste, marmelade, butter or any other smooth topping
• noodles, cooked very soft boiled
• water ice
• Jello
• Do not